Caught on camera: Woman speaks out after altercation with Philly officer

A woman wants a Philadelphia police officer fired after she claims he slammed her into a car and the ground and she says it wasn’t the first time she has encountered the officer.

An intense struggle between a Philadelphia police officer and a woman seen in viral video posted to an Instagram account and it has South Philadelphia buzzing.

"That was so much force, my face hurt. I just thought, at that point, he was going to hurt me more, so I just shielded myself," stated victim Latisha White. She says she is the victim of police misconduct.

"That was excessive force. I’m 127 pounds, you know what I mean? You can see that his feet, when he threw me into the car, his own feet lift off the ground," White described.


A mother of seven, White says the officer got physical, after stopping her on the 2700 block of Point Breeze Avenue in South Philly, as she was taking face masks to her kids for school. She says the officer told her the dirt bike she was riding was stolen.

"Mind you, I purchased the motorcycle from someone that I was waiting on the title and everything to. I did not know that the motorcycle was stolen, at the time," White remarked.

From there, she says things broke down quickly, with an officer that she says asked her out multiple times.

"At the time, there wasn’t too many people out there, so I didn’t feel comfortable going with him, knowing that I turned his date down, you know what I mean?" White commented.

She says she was taken to Philadelphia Police Headquarters and charged with resisting arrest. Police will only say the incident is under investigation. White says she wants justice.

"He needs to be fired, absolutely," White added.



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