CES 2019: 7 technologies that will leave you a little speechless

(FOX NEWS) - Every year, visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas are treated to a few jaw-dropping gadgets. This year is no different, including a new toothbrush that takes ten seconds to use and a television that rolls up from a cabinet in your living room.

1. TV that rolls up from a cabinet

LG announced the Signature Series OLED TV R, which rolls up from a cabinet, will debut this year. The idea is to keep your living room tidy and clean when you are not watching television. Initially, it will only be available in a 65-inch size and no pricing announced yet.

2. A lamp that suits your mood and responds to Amazon Alexa

What if a lamp could suit your mood? That's the idea behind the Auri. It's an amazing speaker that you can control by voice using Alexa but also a lamp. The colors and sounds can soothe you to sleep or help you stay awake.

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