Challenge coin created for Eagles fan who passed away

In sports there's always hope for a miracle--an injured player returning to win the game--a big comeback from certain defeat. But a sick young boy from a New York family full of diehard Giants fans becoming the Eagles biggest booster? It could only happen in Philly and only our Bruce Gordon has the story.

"Philadelphia fans are definitely the toughest I've seen." In the shadow of Lincoln Financial Field, Dan and Maureen Mulvey, of Chester, New York, visit Philadelphia for the first time since the death of their beloved son.

Danny Mulvey was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia when he was just 4 years old.

"It's absolutely devastating. You just can't believe it. You know, you try to live your life a certain way and then you hear it's your child and you can't believe it."

For the next 16 years, Danny and his parents would make the three hour drive from Chester to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia maybe a hundred visits in all.

"The health care there was just absolutely phenomenal. It was the best," Dan said.

It was during those treatments that Danny began getting visits from members of the Eagles.

"It's just beautiful. You know, it's just giving back and that's what its all about," Maureen explained.

He got to visit their training facility where star players and alums signed autographs and posed for pictures. In a family full of diehard Giants fans, Danny Mulvey became the Birds biggest booster

Last September 24th, Danny watched his final Eagles game against who else--the Giants. New York led late and his doting big sister Alicia was loving it. Then, as time expired, Jake Elliott hit a 61 yard miracle field goal to win it for the Birds.

"I was happy to see that he was alive to see that," his mom said.

Danny passed away eight days later at the age of 20. But before he died, he was made an honorary member of the U.S. Army. He insisted on standing for his oath A challenge coin was created with a phrase that embodied his all-too-short life: 'faith, family, friends.' That coin was at the Linc when the Eagles won the NFC Championship game and will be in U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII.

"Come this Sunday, the Eagles are going to have a special angel in their huddle. And he may even trade his angel wings for some Eagle wings," Dan said.

The entire town of Chester, New York--right in the heart of giants country--will be lit up in Eagles' green. They will also set aside their hatred of the Birds for their love of a young man who taught them as it says on the coin about 'faith, family and friends.'