Change in policy upsets community groups in Bensalem

A change in policy has some community groups upset. They say they won't be able to afford programming because a local school district is charging more to use their facilities.

"I'm kind of sad because I still want to wrestle." Young Spencer George loves being part of the Bensalem Youth Wrestling Club, but Bensalem High School where his team trains may not be an option for the upcoming season.

"I'm so used to running the stairs like the same. So used to the school the same. I'm not going to be used to moving somewhere and going to get used to something else," he said.

When filing paperwork to reserve Bensalem High for after school practice this season club leaders say the Bensalem School District told them they will now have to pay to use the building after years of paying nothing.

"The school district told us that it's going to cost us over $2,000 a month to offer our program and it's just shocking," Club President Eric Price said.

Bensalem District officials tell FOX 29 it recently revised its facility usage polic .due to the cost of maintaining fields and indoor venues.

The superintendent says in part quote:

"Unfortunately, the district's financial position no longer supports our desire and history of renting our facilities at little or no cost.

We recognize and are grateful for the important contributions these groups make to our community and are sensitive that these changes may be burdensome. The district is committed to maintaining communication with our community partners as we transition to our new policy. "

The club president says he hopes a deal can be reached without disrupting their season.

"The plan should be to have some open communication with the organizations and come up with something that benefits everybody," Price said.