Change in season raises concern about coronavirus compounded by flu season

It's officially fall and that would normally mean being in school for most kids. But of course not this year. 

"You can basically go to school with your pajamas on nobody and would say anything," said 8-year-old Laia about the joys of remote learning and playing at Charles Seger Playground in Center City throughout the day. But her mom Amala Hampton has a different concern with the change in season. The coronavirus compounded by flu season. 

"At first I wasn't because I felt like it wasn't as bad as other places in Philadelphia but now you think about the fall and flu season and more colds," she said. Still she doesn’t plan to get a flu shot. 

"I'm not that concerned. I believe I'm taking the right steps," said Hampton.  

But Dr. Ala Stanford says people should think twice about that. 

"Don't be fooled because the cases are slowly trying to creep up and flu season is coming which means our second wave," said Stanford. She’s a pediatric surgeon and founder of the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium. 

Kasey is a sitter and watches Maddie, Zack and Jake all day. 

"We even took a 10 minute break outside today and came right to the park when school was over." She hopes a change in season means fewer people outdoors and a decline in virus cases. Although at-home learning means the kids still need time outside. 

"Hopefully. they'll be indoors more but hopefully, we'll still be able to get out and wear masks," she said. 

Dr. Stanford says part of the problem is the symptoms of the flu and common cold mirror those of the coronavirus. 

She says you don't want those in the at-risk group to get both. 


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