Changes in policing in response to COVID-19

A Gloucester Township Police Department sergeant spoke with FOX 29 on the changes he faces every day during the COVID-19 pandemic.  He says he has a commitment and passion to serve the residents of the township during this uncertain time.

"It is my job. It's my career. It's my passion, so I'm always going to be happy to help," Gloucester Township Police Department Sergeant Adam O'Lano told FOX 29.

He added, "It's definitely harder, where we would stop and play basketball with kids or play Frisbee, or stop out at the baseball games. We would see a lot of life throughout the township, but it's all changed, it's all stopped."


A lot of the job is now responsive and Chief Haskins acknowledges that leads to different things his officers now face.

“We’ve had an officer spit at," he said. 

However, Sergeant O’Lano prefers to focus on what they say is overwhelming community support.

“It's nonstop with kids that wave to you, but now, we’re getting parents in the car waving to you. We get people yelling out the window thank you so much for what you do," O'Lano said.

Make no mistake with the recent passing of the first local police officer to complications from coronavirus, they know they’re at risk but they also take the phrase protect and serve very seriously.

“My job is to be out here and protect the public and specifically to protect the residents of Gloucester Township, so could I sit at home?  I don’t have that job. I don’t have that luxury," O'Lano said.

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