Charter school participates in Spread the Love campaign to benefit Philabudance

It was a battle of chunky versus creamy on Good Day Philadelphia!  

The Christopher Columbus Charter School had students at two of their campuses collect jars of peanut butter for their Spread the Love campaign!

FOX 29’s Bob Kelly and Lauren Dugan joined the students to see which team managed to bring in more peanut butter for a great cause. Neither team knew who won the competition until they read the results live on Good Day Philadelphia. 

The Spread the Love Campaign sought to collect and donate peanut butter for the Philabundance organization. Throughout the entire month of February, students participated by bringing in jars.

On Team Creamy, Lauren Dugan met a student who brought in 80 jars.

“I can’t be any more proud than I am right now,” Principal Alaya said. “No matter what the total shows, I was truly blown away by our students and families with their support.”

Bob Kelly joined Team Crunchy with grades K through 5.

Several students shared how they managed to gather so much peanut butter by using social media, recruiting parents, and even visiting a peanut butter factory.

Team Creamy managed to raise a total of 2,338 pounds of peanut butter.

Team Crunchy managed to raise a total of 3,076 pounds of peanut butter.

So yes, Team Crunchy beat Team Creamy but everyone definitely one since they were all participating in a great cause!

Altogether, the Christopher Columbus Charter School managed to collect and donate 5,414 pounds of peanut butter.

School officials shared that the amount collected twice exceeded their original goal.


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