Chelsea Clinton stumps in Chester ahead of Election Day

Loud, passionate cheers as Chelsea Clinton took the stage before an intimate crowd of inspired Democrats in the city of Chester.

"I know that if we keep rooting this election in what really is at stake - for or families - or communities our country we will win."

With only two days left, Clinton's get out the vote push is moving full speed ahead.

Committed volunteers planned to spend all day canvassing Chester, targeting registered Democrats who may not have made it to the polls in the past.

"We are just making sure you're planning to vote on Tuesday."

"I want to but don't know where to go."

"I can tell you - I'd be happy to."

Capri Anderson said, "I think it's awesome - I think it's a good idea to have people come out and get talking to everyone."

Valaida Henry said, "We have some people who are sort of lax in feeling that it's important and I think we all need to get out and set an example."

Chester local Linda Zappacosta says she believes.

"Well, first woman president! When my mother was born women didn't have right to vote."

As a volunteer, Zappacosta says she's inspired to help this campaign secure an historic presidential win.

"Please knock on as many doors as possibly can - talk to as many people as you possibly can between now and Tuesday and if we do that we will win!" Chelsea Clinton said.

While these volunteers are heading back into the Chester community to get people to vote, Chelsea Clinton was bouncing around hitting a total of 5 campaign events today.