Cherry Hill parents attend special school board meeting on security

The Cherry Hill School District has already begun enhancing security at their schools. One example--more police officers.

"I will mention this if there's any bad guys listening right now. You don't mess with the Cherry Hill Police Department."

Cherry Hill parents in a special school board meeting praising the call to have armed officers patrolling all schools. They also hailed the tightening of access to buildings.

At the same time, parents say it's not enough.

"We need metal detectors. You got to stop it before it gets in the schools," one parent said.

While another said, "Live feed cameras--necessary. Something that should be delayed no longer. By September 1st they should be in all 18 schools."

A student also spoke out in support of AP History Teacher Tim Locke of Cherry Hill East reportedly suspended after telling his class he worried a tragedy like the Florida school massacre could happen here. His removal prompted student protests and walkouts.

"I don't mean to assume that you guys have a disdain, a personal vendetta against him but that's what it seems like to me,"one student saod.

Though board members said they would not make any formal decisions on the teacher and additional security changes tonight, they pledged to continue the critical conversations.

"Remember, your words matter and together our words matter."