Cherry Hill residents claim they are dealing with bugs, fire alarms

Tenants of The Grand of Cherry Hill say for $1,600 a month they're supposed to live in luxury; however, early Saturday morning through 9:30 p.m. Sunday night it was anything but. They say five fire alarms went off driving tenants into the rain.

"The fire alarms were a real crisis because folks are running down 17 flights in the rain with their children," one tenant told FOX 29.

What's worse is that tenants claim they couldn't get in touch with management for the large apartment complex along Frontage Road.

Cherry Hill's Fire Chief tells FOX 29 his shift commander also struggled with "delays" in reaching management to fix the malfunctioning fire alarm system.

Residents say that's not the only problem.

"I have rodents and bugs. A continual bug problem. Our maintenance chooses not to address things that need to be fixed or broken," tenant Abby Abramson said.

A tenant since August, Abramson says photos show the bugs and a mouse , which after a delay management tried to exterminate but failed.

FOX 29's Jeff Cole tried to speak with manager Nate Follman, of Asden Properties of New Jersey, he never came out to talk and called the police.

Abby Abramson says if The Grand doesn't live up to its name she's gone.

"Management needs to care about the residents. We pay a lot of money. We want to live there. We want to be happy. They need to address the issues," she said.