Chosen 300 Ministries leader trapped in South America due to COVID-19

Leader Brian Jenkins traveled to South America to check in on one of their several global relief programs that is providing food and aid around the world. 

He had previously battled COVID-19 and tested negative before he went to South America. 

While in Guyana, he found out his was positive for COVID-19 since those who once had it can still test postive for another thee months. He could be stuck in the country for months. 

"I’m pretty much in covid jail," Jenkins explained. "The challenge is that they’re indicting I cannot leave until I get a negative test. If it’s three months from december 4th, that puts me into February as a possibly that I could be stuck here pretty much detained. It’s a tough challenge."

Jenkins says it might come down to some government involvement in order to return home.

He has another test scheduled for Monday. 


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