Cinemark Theatres alter bag size policy

A national theater chain has a new policy, designed to protect movie goers. The new rule? No big bags. It's all part of the new security rules within the Cinemark chain.

"We just purchased tickets and nothing else was stated about that," said Marcus James.

James was surprised to hear that the Cinemark theater he was heading into in Somerdale won't allow large bags any more.

The same is true for Cinemark theaters all across the country. The new policy is leaving movie goers with questions.

"My wife, she got as big bag you know, she has her pocketbook," James said.

"I think we should have the right to bring things, our bags in. Us women, especially women we like to carry a lot of things, you know?" said a movie goer.

The new policy on the Cinemark website says aby bags or packages larger than 12 by 12 by 6 will not be permitted inside, adding that staff reserves the right to check any bags brought in as a means of enforcement.

"I think checking them now is a good idea because of all the things going on," said another movie goer.

While at the Cinemark, some bags that appeared to be too large were being let in the theater. There didn't appear to be staff members checking the bags.

Many understand the rules, but wonder if they go too far.

"Especially with the heightened sense of emergency and everything that's going on, that latest shooting down in Florida. I can understand. But, as far as taking to the extreme on that kind of level, I don't know about all of that," James said.