Citizens Bank Park hosts one-of-a-kind Wiffle Ball Tournament for kids with Phillie Phanatic

Dozens of kids and the Phillie Phanatic turned out for a one-of-a-kind Wiffle Ball Tournament at The Yard at Citizens Bank Park.

Phillie Phanatic at Wiffle Ball Tournament

100 kids participating in the Phillies Jr. RBI program were treated to an opportunity to meet Phanatic and get down to the business of the Wiffle Ball Tournament.

Wiffle Ball Tournament at Citizens Bank Park

Touted as a chance for Citizens Bank to give back to the Jr RBI program, the kids were able to turn out and enjoy the tournament ahead of back-to-school.

In addition to the tournament, kids were able to scale the Phanatic Rock Climbing Wall, the hot dog launcher and pitch in the bullpens.

The kids gave the tournament their all. No word on a winner.