City denied Medical Marijuana Grower Permit; Councilman speaks out

Pennsylvania's medical cannabis industry ramped up as 13 new Medical Marijuana Grower licenses were awarded after the second phase. For the second time, the City of Philadelphia was shut out, Councilman Derek Green has released a statement with his thoughts.

He says, "I was astounded and deeply disappointed to learn of Tuesday's news that Philadelphia - the largest city in the Commonwealth, and poorest large city in the nation - was looked over yet again for even one grower permit out of 13. One would think that in a city with a 26 percent poverty rate and where access to basic healthcare essentials - especially for those suffering from one of the 21 chronic conditions treatable with medical cannabis - is an enduring problem, Philadelphia would be at the very top of the list. It is that fact that is most troubling and alarming to me.

He continued to say, "This second snub of a grower permit is also taking away from the economic opportunity and growth that our City would benefit from in a projected $22 billion industry by 2020. Sadly, this pushes us even further behind the eight ball and perpetuates the poor and deeply impoverished narrative. We are missing out on critical marks and chances to diversify our economic landscape, not to mention helping to improve the overall quality of life of many of our citizens."