Colorado High School Bans Grinding

Arapahoe High School in Colorado is banning "grinding" at the upcoming homecoming dance.

In a letter sent home with students on Monday, the high school announced that "front-to-back dancing" or "grinding" would not be allowed at the upcoming dance.

The letter even suggests that students Google the dance style if they are unfamiliar with what it is.

Currently there is a split reaction from both parents and students after reading the letter.

"I think it's a great letter and love that the administration took a stance. If they want to come to the dance and have many more dances, they probably need to submit and follow," Father, Kent Conley says.

"Just knowing that we represent the school with the way that we dance and the way that we treat one another--I thought it was very necessary," student Zoe Conley says.

But others felt differently about the necessity of the letter.

"I personally don't. But I've never been at a dance and watched 'the grinding,'" mother, Deb Waugh says.

"Schools have done this before and they ended up with only two kids at homecoming--so I think that's what's going to happen," student Kelly Waugh says. "A lot of people laughed."

The school's principal, Natalie Pramenko, is asking for parents' support as the school implements the new dance policy.