Commissioner Outlaw speaks out as Philadelphia sees uptick in gun violence

Philadelphia, as well as the nation, has seen a recent uptick in gun violence. As a result, city leaders and community members have been working to mitigate the violence. 

FOX 29's Good Day Philadelphia was joined by Commissioner Danielle Outlaw who discussed a recent uptick in gun violence across the city.

Per police crime statistics, as of June 2021, Philadelphia has seen as many as 250 homicides, which is up 37% over last year. Furthermore, there has been more murders than both the entire years of 2013 and 2014. In 2020, Philadelphia police reported 499 homicides in total. 

"We haven't stopped and we're going to continue to pull out all the stops and be as creative as we can to either get ahead of it or to place a tourniquet on a lot of the bleeding that we've seen. Our motivation has not been lost," Commissioner Outlaw stated.

In terms of where people are getting the guns, she explained that they're very easy to obtain illegally. Usually, they are purchased legally and then placed into the hands of others illegally. At a local level, Philadelphia leaders don't have control over gun measures she also stated. 

"We can't live in fear as a community member, as a resident, as a parent. We cannot allow this to take over our lives," She said before advocating for solidarity. 

Commissioner Outlaw stated that it's a possibility that the uptick in gun violence can be attributed to the pandemic; however, she was also clear in adding that as we move into a new normal we might see a decline. 

Still, Philadelphia police are committed to having a strong presence in place across the city especially in known troublesome areas. 

While Outlaw acknowledges there has been progress in terms of policies and protocols, she states that change won't happen overnight.

"There's a huge advantage with being able to meet people where they are," Outlaw explained, addressing meeting community members in person. She said she's looking forward to holding more of those types of meetings.



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