Careers in law enforcement highlighted as nearly 100 agencies on hand for recruitment

Hundreds of future police officers turned out Saturday for the 8th annual Law Enforcement Job Fair.

Almost 100 different agencies came out for the recruiting effort from as far away as New Hampshire and Nashville, all with one goal – to try to find great men and women to join their departments.

"It’s my calling. I would love to help people. I want to speak for people who can’t speak for themselves," Jeneba Korona stated.

She has wanted to be a police officer since she was a little girl and now wants to be a role model for other women. "Usually, when people see police officers, they get scared. I wanna be a difference with that, but I want to help those who honestly can’t go up to a police officer."

That’s why the Law Enforcement Career Fair is the perfect place for her to meet so many recruiters, hoping to find people exactly like her and change some misconceptions about the police.

"If you want to become a police officer, that’s great," said Officer Edward Savage, with the Philadelphia Police Department. "Be a police officer. It’s a good thing. It’s not a bad thing. You get a career taking care of your family."

Because their numbers are down everywhere, law enforcement came from across the country, not just Pennsylvania. And, not just traditional agencies, but ones like Maryland Natural Resources Police, who patrol parks and waterways.

"For all law enforcement right now, everybody’s looking for good candidates," Corporal Norris Shannon, with MNRP, said. "We want to get the word out. We want to let people know that this is a great way to serve your community and it’s also a great career."

Shirley Moy, from Temple University, explained, "There are so many other jobs and layers of positions that people don’t understand. Like forensic scientists and all these special security officers. Even the TSA is here for folks that don’t have to go through the police academy."

Those are exactly the jobs Manny Basco is looking for. "I’m leaning towards TSA, because they can help me branch into the federal government, a federal agency job. So, I’m looking for a TSA and then, maybe, joining the FBI or doing border patrol."

"Whatever fits their needs," said organizer Kenneth Scott. "You may not fit this department, but you may be a better fit over here and some people are willing to relocate. So, here they are. We have all these different agencies under one roof."

If you couldn’t attend the job fair, but are interested in a career in law enforcement, you can find more information at Temple University’s Lenfest Center for Community Workforce Partnerships website. Scroll to the middle of the page where it says: "TODAY'S HIGHLIGHT:   8TH ANNUAL DIVERSITY LAW ENFORCEMENT JOB FAIR" and you can find a link for the hundreds of agencies represented.