Cops and residents pray together in Olney

With lights flashing and speakers blaring, Philadelphia police chaplains from across the city hit the streets in Olney. Stopping block-by-block. In the crisp October night, they marched through the 35th District and past the bullet-riddled windows. Tonight, wasn't about violence. This was about hope.

"We need more than prayer. We need folks come together in unity. And realize this is not just one person problem. But it's a community problem," said Police Chaplain Tony Pritchette.

Jocelyn Martinez heard the prayers from her stoop. She came out and immediately grabbed the hand of an officer. They prayed together.

"There's a lot of people on the block. Too much violence and everything. And too much death. And it's good to hear a little word about God," she explained.

"A lady just stopped me just now and shook my hand and said I really appreciate what you are doing. this neighborhood needs prayer. It needs police presence. I really appreciate that," said Philadelphia Police Captain Derrick Wood.

Residents around here are just glad to see police officers when there's not a crime happening. Local clergy hopes it helps heal wounds.

"I think having the police officers come out and build a friendship and relationship with the community and love them helps a lot," said Joseph Randall with Olney Baptist.