Cops save 1-year-old baby's life while on patrol when they spot mom screaming for help

Two police officers jumped into action and saved a 1-year-old baby girl's life when she started choking and turning blue while out with her mother in New York.

Officers Felix Baez and Giovanni Laguna spotted the mom and infant while on patrol in the Bronx.

They heard the woman, Liliana, calling for help while running down the street, according to police.

"We saw she was holding a baby and she was yelling 'help me, help me, help my baby,'" Baez told CBS.

Laguna put baby Ashley, who was unconscious, on the ground and performed CPR and a minute later the little girls' pulse came back and police called an ambulance, police said.

"The training kicked in, and the one thing I was telling myself was just keep calm, keep calm, you know as I was working on her," Baez said.

Liliana and baby Ashley were transported to the hospital where officers stayed with them for a while.

Ashley is doing well now, according to reports.

"Knowing that we could provide a mother and daughter another shot, another day of life, it feels great," Baez said.