COVID-19 cases in South Jersey appear to be reaching peak

A doctor says cases of COVID-19 appear to be peaking in South Jersey but now is not the time to relax.

Dr. Reg Blaber, executive vice president of Virtua Health, leads a task force on COVID-19 preparedness assessing the models to determine the size and pace of a coronavirus surge. 

"This virus is aggressive and just waiting for us to make mistakes," he told FOX 29.

Dr. Blaber says our disciplined social distancing over the last six to eight weeks has successfully slowed the spread of the virus, which means the peak in south jersey isn't as high as initially predicted.


"We've seen the height of that tidal wave get lower and lower and lower," Dr. Blaber said.

As states begin to devise and unveil their reopening strategies. Dr. Blaber adds how we behave in the coming days will determine our fate this summer.

"The slope of the curve could change immediately," he said. "If Memorial Day comes and we are all getting together for those backyard bbqs and we are all on top of each other at the beach then we are setting ourselves up for the next wave." 

He also says if we don't want to see another spike we must practice social distancing. 


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