Crayfish invading Bucks County neighborhood

Crayfish are usually seen swimming in a body of freshwater, not scurrying up a landlocked lawn. In Bucks County, though, the crustacean population is on the rise and no one seems to know why.

Jimmy Loudon of Bristol says he captured a crayfish crawling through his daughter's yard. Dave Baskin, a neighbor, says he has seen crayfish all around his home; one even snapped on his dog Ginger's ear.

The crayfish first popped up three weeks ago after heavy rainfall. Baskin, who has been capturing and releasing them in a nearby lake, says he thinks they are coming from a nearby retention pond.

The crayfish could have got into the area as a pet, bait or an escaped dinner plan.

Whichever way they escaped to the northeast, they're the talk of Bucks County.