Crews rescue man pinned under backhoe in Upper Merion Township

FOX 29 cameras roll as a backhoe was lifted via crane off of the scene of a harrowing rescue in Upper Merion Township.

First responders say that backhoe fell on top of a worker involved in a home renovation project on Cinnamon Hill Road.

Mohan shot cell phone video and pictures of the chaotic scene as it unfolded next door. He says the homeowner is an experienced contractor who got into trouble when the ground shifted.

Investigators tell FOX 29 the contractor had dug a 4 to 6-foot hole only for the backhoe to lose ground and tip over, falling right on top of him.

Lt. Brendan Brazunas says medics were also quick to take action. The contractor was freed within an hour and rushed to a trauma center in Philadelphia. Neighbors are thankful.