Crossing guard recovering after hit-and-run

Police say they are searching for a hit-and-run driver who struck a crossing guard.

Her arm still in a sling from a torn rotator cuff and this 56-year-old crossing guard is still in pain after police say a heartless driver in a Ford Focus or Fusion deliberately ran her over then drove away.

"I just can't believe that there are actually people who would intentionally do something like that to somebody," she told FOX 29 Tuesday night.

The crossing guard asked us not to identify her. She also suffered injuries to her hand, knee and forearm after the driver struck her at Deveraux and Summerdale in the Northeast.

"It will be over a year recovery. They hope they can get it almost back to normal," she said.

The September 21st incident happened as the crossing guard was escorting a little girl to school. That's when the driver made a left onto Summerdale and almost struck the pair as they crossed the intersection. The guard alerted the driver about the children crossing. He quickly stopped.

"He stopped the car, put it in reverse and backed over the crossing guard who had jumped onto the median," Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum told FOX 29.

Police say the driver sped off and headed to Van Kirk Street where he hit a red car and again fled. The suspect's car lost part of it's bumper and may have red paint on it.

"It was intentional. There's no doubt about it . There were several witnesses out there." Rosenbaum added.

"That's evil, that's pure evil you can't even describe it as nothing else," said Ephram heads. He remembers that day because while the driver made his escape in the Ford Focus or Fusion, he crashed into that red car right in front of Heads' home on Van Kirk.

" What if that had been your mother, or your aunt or grandmother or anybody? It's just ridiculous," Heads added.

"I just hope that he would turn himself in or something," the injured crossing guard said.

Police are looking for an older model gray Ford Fusion or Ford Focus. It has damaged to the front bumper and may have red paint on it. The crossing guard tells FOX 29 she has to undergo surgery and the recovery may take up to a year.