DA: Dozens arrested in drug bust in Berks County

Police in Berks County say they have arrested dozens of people in a major drug bust. According to authorities, they have taken millions of dollars of drugs off the streets.

39 people were rounded up and arrested, 15 homes searched, 21 guns confiscated, $200,000 in cash collected and massive quantities of drugs are now off the streets, including cocaine, meth, heroin, fentanyl and marijuana, according to authorities.

"During that six months, we determined that this organization was responsible for distributing over $10 million of controlled substances," Berks County DA John Adams said.

The investigation started in February when the State Police began investigating Luis Irizarry who lives in Reading.

Authorities say electronic surveillance led to his associates from two large drug rings with networks across Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, California and Puerto Rico. According to investigators, many of the drugs were seized by the US Postal Service with the suspects being rounded up over the past three days.

Among them David DeLaCruz who lives in Shillington,

The DA says large quantities of fentanyl were found, which is a key drug responsible for so many overdose deaths.

"Fentanyl is most likely getting into this country from China, but it has proven to be the common denominator that has led to many deaths, many overdoses and is very, very dangerous," DA Adams said.