Dad Can't Tell His Daughter and Her 'Twin Stranger' Apart

(INSIDE EDITION) - A teenager tracked down a stranger who looked so much like her that even her own dad couldn't tell them apart.

When faced with Shannon Lonergan, 21, from Ireland, and her "Twin Stranger" Sara Nordström, 17, from Sweden, Shannon's father was left speechless.

"I was shocked," he says in a video. "I'm still getting over it.... Amazing. I'm speechless. I definitely think Sara could be my daughter."

Shannon added: "My dad got an awful fright!"

The women tracked each other down through the website,, which seeks to match people with their doppelgängers around the world. The two teens finally met face-to-face in Dublin.

"When I saw Sara standing there, my heart literally jumped into my mouth," Shannon said. "We just stood there like, 'Oh my god, this is so weird!'"

Three friends in Ireland set up in a bid to connect with people who look just like them. They say everyone has seven doppelgangers somewhere on the planet.

One member of the trio, Niamh Geaney, has found three lookalikes so far.