Debarked dogs advertised as 'quiet' in reality are brutally abused

Dogs being abused for no real reason? It makes no sense but unfortunately it happens.

FOX 29's Bill Anderson met with the people who are trying to stop it.

"We get a lot of cases in the door here and some just capture all of our hearts and the public's hearts and this case was one of them. We got a tip and followed up on a tip that someone was going to debark a dog," says PSPCA CEO Julie Klim.

Dogs that are victims to the debarked brutality can no longer make the same kind of noises other dogs can. They sit quietly, timid and completely silent.

The process of debarking a dog is brutal and only done for the convenience of a quiet dog.

"People don't want all of that noise and attention brought to their property and so they impair the dog's ability to bark and in this case it was done very roughly with a pipe being thrust down the dog's throat three times," says Kilm.

"They just don't want to listen to the barking and really the bark is the way a dog communicates with you and tells you what it wants and needs and alerts you. It's really tragic and we learned that other dogs on property had already been debarked."

Animal control workers found and stopped this ongoing brutality on a local property. Mother dogs and puppies were all removed. Now these dogs and puppies need caring homes.

"In the case of the dog who has been debarked she's still here and available for adoption. She's been through a lot so someone who understands that kind of dog and would be able to intuit what the dog is trying to do even without its bark would be wonderful," said Kilm.

Debarked dogs can be advertised as "quiet puppies" but the reality is some breeds are being brutalized to meet our needs.

"There's all sorts of things that folks do we have other dogs in our care in a cruelty case that there ears were cut for nothing more than appearances," says Kilm.

The hope is that the debarked dogs remain loving, trusting and hopefully they get a chance to be loved for goodness sake.