Debate continues over Unionville High School's mascot

At Unionville High School there's debate over what to do about a mascot that some say is insensitive while others say it's apart of their history.

"When they redid the gym floors about five years ago they left the Indian head off it and then they left the Indian head off the logo. And now, they are trying to get rid of the word Indian and it's just wrong," Tom Pancoast said.

Pancoast says five out of his eight kids have graduated from Unionville High School under the longtime Indians mascot. He opposes any efforts to change it.

"How about the other people that have graduated over the last 100 years being the Unionville Indians? We're going to forget about them? And erase all history of the Indian? It's ridiculous," Pancoast asked.

The issue picked up steam back in January when a group of students calling themselves 'The Identity Council' questioned whether the mascot should remain. It touched off a social media debate.
Those who want to keep the mascot said so on a petition.

"We tried to get it on the agenda here for tonight two weeks ago," Pancoast said.

And even interrupted Monday night's meeting to deal with the mascot but the board repeated their statement that it was not on the agenda. Many are calling for a process that gets everyone involved.

"We've petitioned the board to form what's called a 'Citizens Advisory Committee' so that residents, taxpayers, students, alumni are all, can be involved in connection with the mascot, the Indian mascot," parent Scott Cousins said.