Delaware, Chester counties team up to combat COVID-19 outbreak

Delaware and Chester counties are teaming up to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

"Our efforts to keep the residents of Delco safe have been challenging. At times, it feels as if we were wearing sunglasses in a dark room as we go about trying to figure out what to do next,"  Delaware County Council Chairman Brian Zidek said.


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Delaware County and its 570,000 residents have been battling the advance of the virus with an arm tied behind its back. Up until now, the county didn't have a health department.

"We are ready, willing and able and quite honored to be able to do what is truly a public health response," Director of the Chester County Health Department Jeanne Casner said.

Delco’s neighbor Chester County has come to the rescue in the face of the deadly pandemic. Chester County’s Health Department will link with Delaware County allowing it to better track those stricken and direct them to testing and care.

"Chester County does have sufficient excess capacity. I repeat does have sufficient excess capacity to handle Delco’s public health needs," Chester County Commissioner Marian Moskowitz said.



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