Delaware man charged in connection to rape of 78-year-old woman

A Delaware man has been charged in connection with a rape involving a 78-year-old woman at her Rehoboth Beach home early Monday morning.

According to a press release issued by Delaware State police, the incident occurred around 12:45 a.m. on December 28.

Police say 43-year-old David Elder entered the home of the 78-year-old victim, who he is said to be familiar with, with a key and began to make inappropriate advances and physical contact with her.

Elder was wearing a mask at the time.

He then left the home and rode away on an electric-powered bicycle.

The victim was familiar with the owner of the bicycle and immediately called the suspect's wife.

While the two were on the phone, Elder returned to his home on the bicycle and his wife immediately ran out of the home to call 911.

Elder was found to be in possession of the mask he was wearing and was taken into custody by Lewes Police Department and turned over to troopers at his home.

He was then taken to Troop 7 in Lewes and charged with Rape 1 st , Rape 2 nd , Burglary 1 st , and Wearing a Disguise During the Commission of a Felony.

Elder was committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $226,000 cash bond.

He is also a Tier 2 registered sex offender during to a 1993 Unlawful Sexual Contact conviction.