Delaware weighing package of gun reform measures

Delaware state senate appears poised to approve a package of gun reform measures amid heavy opposition from national gun rights groups. 

The bills, proposed after the massacres in Buffalo and Texas, would ban assault weapons, raise the age to purchase a long gun or rifle from 18 to 21 and expand background checks.

Senate President David Sokola told FOX 29's Jeff Cole that he believes the measures would make Delaware streets safer.

"There are a number of places that have banned magazine capacities the data shows those places typically are safer," Sokloa said. 

Other bills would make gun dealers liable i they negligently sold a weapon that was later used in a crime. 

Meanwhile, Mitch Denham, the president of Delaware Gun Rights, called the effort, "disingenuous. He added, "more kids die in school bus accidents than get shot in schools, but they’re not putting seat belts in school busses."

The bills are expected to pass and Governor John Carney is likely to sign them. NRA members said they would challenge the laws in court.