Delta variant causes effectiveness concern in some vaccine recipients

Things may feel like they’re getting back to normal, but it’s clear the pandemic isn’t over, with the delta variant spreading across the country. Concern is so great, officials in Los Angeles are telling people to wear masks inside again.

The current vaccines seem to protect against the variant, though and that is positive news. However, those studies that show effectiveness are centered on the mRNA shots from Pfizer and Moderna and there is concern among people who got the Johnson & Johnson shot.

James Boucher of Collingswood, N.J. said his family is preparing for a 4th of July weekend of bbqs, fireworks and people, which will be different from last year.

"Me, my wife, and two boys are double vaccinated, so we feel very, very comfortable getting out and about and having a good time for the fourth," Boucher said.

Dave Chalmers says he’s vaccinated and happy to stop wearing a mask, but not everyone is there yet.

"It’s gonna take a little while for me to feel comfortable again and when we started going out it’s like, ‘Oh! Delta variant,’" Chalmers remarked.

Regarding the delta variant, Dr. Paul Offit, the Director of the Vaccine Education center at CHOP, says all three vaccines offer solid protection after some experts expressed concerns this week about Johnson & Johnson’s single dose effectiveness.

"I think there’s every reason to believe that a single dose of J&J will still be excellent at protecting against severe disease caused by the delta variant," he said.

Offit added that there’s not enough data to answer the question about mixing vaccines. He says if a person is fully vaccinated, they should hold off on getting supplemental doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines and, instead, consider putting on a mask indoors.

"The virus is still spreading, still creating variants. We need to get at least 80 percent of this population vaccinated," Offit said.



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