Demi Lovato tickets honored at The Chainsmokers show in Atlantic City

It was a packed beach today in Atlantic City for the Beach Concert series show featuring The Chainsmokers.

Tens of thousands. There were no exact numbers on how many were makeup ticket holders, but promotional officials say it added heavily to the crowd.

50,000 people. Hands in the air. Feet in the sand. Filling the beach for Atlantic City's Beach Concert series.

Just after four p.m., headliners The Chainsmokers revved up fans with chart toppers. The energy of the crowd prevailed over the glaring summer sun. Fans Leah and Lily have been here since noon.

"'Sick Boy' is such a good song! 'Sick Boy' is my favorite song," said Leah.

"I brought two more people," said Rochelle Baldwin.

But, for concert goers like Baldwin, The Chainsmokers was a makeup of sorts. The die-hard Demi Lovato follower had planned for weeks to see her favorite songstress in action last Thursday.

"We were really looking forward to it," Baldwin admitted.

Lovato's hospitalization from a reported overdose meant her AC beach concert was canceled and dashed plans for fans like nine-year-old CJ.

"I felt torn up about it," CJ said.

Instead, tickets refunded or honored here.

"We had two Chainsmokers and two Demi Lovato tickets and we used both," said another fan.

The fans from South Philly turned the last minute letdown into a girl's night. Consolation prize or not, it was a good time.

"It's $20, it's affordable. You come out and enjoy the Boardwalk and enjoy the sand," explained a fan.

"It's still amazing. A lot more people than we expected, but still amazing," Baldwin said.

Enjoying the show and keeping Lovato in their thoughts.

"We love her and we pray for her. We love you, Demi!" said Baldwin.