‘Disheartening’: Upper Darby School District officials address racially charged incident between teacher, parent

Officials from the Upper Darby School District have released an official statement in regards to a racially charged incident captured on camera between a teacher and a parent of a student.

A teacher at Drexel Hill Middle School was previously placed on administrative leave for her role in a dispute with a parent after a minor fender-bender in the school’s parking lot on Oct. 10.  

During the initial exchange, the father and teacher went back and forth verbally; however, the argument escalated when the teacher called the father a racial slur.

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Now, officials have released an official statement explaining the details of the case, the legalities involved, and their stance on the entire “unfortunate and disheartening” matter.

“The taxpayers of this community are not paying the teacher’s salary. The teacher is not permitted on school District property.  There is a legal process we must follow, and the teacher does have due process rights,” wrote Superintendent Daniel McGarry in a Facebook post on Oct. 14.

Officials further explained that while the teacher has the option of resigning, going into arbitration or requesting a formal termination, they are recommending to the Board that she is terminated.

 “We are following the legal process. I want to make it clear that we do not condone or support the comments or actions of the teacher in question,” Superintendent Garry added.

In light of the now viral video, originally shared by the student’s father who was involved in the incident, the Upper Darby School District acted swiftly.  

At that time, the district’s prior statement indicated that they were vigorously pursuing a case and investigating.

All throughout, the Upper Darby School District has maintained that the teacher’s views do not reflect or represent the views of the entire district.

“Our diversity is beautiful, and it is a source of pride. It is our strength and should unify us, not divide us,” Superintendent McGarry added in Monday’s statement.

The father involved in the incident has commended the school for their swift actions in handling this matter.