Doctors Discover Swimmer's Tumor After Shark Bite Sent Him To Hospital

FITCHBURG, MA. - One man's close call with death may end up saving his life.

It was supposed to be a relaxing summer vacation in California for Eugene Finney and his family.

Back in July, Finney was attacked by a shark while in the water with his daughter.

It was not until walking onto the shore did he realize he had a large gash on his back and was bleeding.

The Massachusetts native went to the hospital where an x-ray found a walnut-size tumor in his kidney. He was diagnosed. stage one cancer.

The doctors went to work and Finney's love of the ocean grew even more.

"The shark was a real message to me," Finney said, "If this didn't happen with the shark causing me to go in with this chest pain I would have never known about this cancer."

"It led to a situation that saved his life, that's pretty fascinating when you think about it, right?" said Dr. Ingolf Tuerk.

Doctors were able to salvage 80% of Finney's kidney in order to rid the body of the cancer.

As of now- he is cancer free.

"I feel fortunate I really feel like I've gotten a second chance at life and I'm not gonna blow it," said Finney.