Dog apparently left out in the cold removed from Camden property

Animal welfare workers in Camden spent Thursday morning working to rescue a dog that was apparently left out in the bitter cold overnight.

Early Thursday afternoon, officials were finally able to remove the dog, named Destiny, from the property.

The dog, who appears to be a German Shepherd, was spotted in a business' fenced-in lot as firefighters battled a nearby fire on Chestnut Street in Camden.

With wind chills across the area falling below zero overnight, the dog's water bowl had frozen solid.

A small plastic doghouse was located on the property, but city contractors who responded to calls to help the dog tell FOX 29 it was not a sufficient shelter for the conditions.

Workers from Animal Care Services had said Thursday morning they were working with local authorities to remove the dog from the property and let the owner know where the dog has been moved to.

It is illegal in the state of New Jersey to leave animals outside in weather under 32 degrees.

The dog was removed from the property around 1:30 p.m. and taken to the Camden County Animal Shelter.

Officer Heather Hackett tells FOX 29 that the dog's owners will face a summons for failure to provide necessary care, which is considered animal cruelty.

The dog will be held at the shelter for seven days. After that, if they refuse to recalim her, she will be put up for adoption.