Dog bites, severely injures child in Wildwood; dog's owner turns himself in and faces charges

A Wildwood man turns himself in after he is identified through surveillance video, as well as from multiple public tips to police because a dog the man was handling bit and severely injured a child on the beach.

City of Wildwood Police Department

On Friday morning, police say an 11-year-old was visiting Wildwood with his family. A man with a dog happened upon the family. They asked to pet the dog and, with the permission, the 11-year-old approached the dog. The dog jumped forward and bit the child in the face, severely injuring the child. The child was airlifted to the hospital for treatment and is expected to require extensive surgeries.

After the alleged attack, police say the man walked away with the dog, before the arrival of first responders.

During the investigation, Wildwood police were able to view surveillance video from multiple sources. Along with tips from the public, police determined the man was 28-year-old John Kalin of Wildwood.

Kalin turned himself in to Wildwood police Friday evening. He was accompanied by his attorney. Kalin is charged with Violation of Law Intended to Protect Public Health and Safety, as well as other local ordinance violations regarding the dog on the beach.