Dog That Helped Woman Get Through Cancer Goes Missing

ELLIS COUNTY, TX (FOX 4 KDFW)- An Ellis County family is desperately searching for their beloved pet.

Hoss was a companion and comfort dog to a woman as she twice battled cancer.

Now, the 5-year-old Australian Shepherd is gone, and his family believes someone stole him.

He was last seen Saturday night in rural Waxahachie.

"Some people are like, 'It's a dog,'" said Shaena Campbell, whose daughter, Shadoh, owns Hoss. "It's more than just a dog."

Hoss became Shadoh's caretaker when Shadoh was battling cancer at 19.

"When she was really sick, she would sit in the bed and bead," said Shaena. "She made necklaces and jewelry and sold them and saved up enough money to buy Hoss."

Hoss' blue eyes brought brightness during a dark time.

Three years later, Shadoh developed cancer again.

"If she was really sick and she couldn't do anything, he would be there," said Shaena. "He would just lay there."

The family hasn't slept much since Hoss disappeared. They think someone may have stolen him.

They've contacted the police and area shelters, searched day and night all over Ellis County and are making signs, hoping that someone spots him.

While painful radiation and treatments helped, the family believes Hoss was Shadoh's cure to fighting cancer.

"There's just no words when you lose something so important to you and you can't do anything about it," said Shaena.

The family thinks the dog was stolen because he only stays in the yard, neighbors know him, and he's microchipped and tagged.