Dog with huge swollen head after snake bite gets a happy ending

This may look like a photoshopped image, because of the difference in size of this dog's head to his body, but Logar the dog was actually suffering from a snake bite.

This was Sunday morning when he arrived at the hospital

The staff at West Virginia's Pet Helpers Inc. took him in back in September, and nursed him back to health.

In an update in late October, the organization revealed that Logar (now complete with a normal-sized head) has found a permanent home.

Logar has a much better update to share! He is doing well, loves everyone, his neck wound is healing nicely and he is gaining some weight! Hard to believe the last picture in the group is really the same dog. For those that are not aware Logar came to us after suffering a snake bite. He is one lucky pup!

His swollen noggin is finally going viral thanks to a November 6 Reddit post.