Don't Click: Sophisticated email phishing scam appears as Google Doc link

If you receive a link to a Google doc - you'll want to do some investigating before clicking on it.

There is a sophisticated phishing scam circulating the Internet on Wednesday.

According to Business Insider it will appear as if a contact of yours sent you a Google doc. Buzzfeed's Joe Bernstein reports if you click on the "open in docs link" it will spam "everyone you've ever emailed," with a similar phishing email.

Google docs tweeted the following statement, "We are investigating a phishing scam that appears as Google Docs. We encourage you to not click through and report as phishing within Gmail."

For the time being, if you receive a Google doc, you'll want to contact to sender to verify they sent it to you. Don't respond to the email. Call or text your contact to ensure the link to the Google doc is legit.