Double Homicide Reported in Fairmount Park

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Philadelphia Police worked past sundown combing a crime scene they were alerted to just before 3:00 Friday afternoon. A maintenance crew emptying trash cans near Lemon Hill in Fairmount Park alerted police to a deadly discovery. The bodies of a man and woman were found shot to death inside a white SUV.

"It is a local person even though the car has Arizona tags. It is a local vehicle and the operator we have a general idea of who it is," said Captain Ray Convery.

Police say the victims who may be in their 30's were partially undressed in the back seat of the SUV which was parked on the grass near a gazebo. We're told both victims were shot in the head. Police don't believe the shootings are random but they haven't determined whether it's a murder-suicide or double homicide.

"There's bits and pieces of window on the outside of the vehicle which leads us to believe that something happened on the inside of the vehicle that caused the window to break onto the outside," said Capt. Convery. Investigators haven't said much about the victims although they say they'd identified the man and had spoken with the family. But why the two were there and what happened in the moments before the were shot is still in question.

"Family members have said that they'd been looking for him for a day but I don't know that to be a fact," said Capt. Convery.

Police are still investigating a motive and searching for the weapon used.