Doylestown family claims social media post using racial slur was directed at teen

A Doylestown family is speaking out after they say a racist and hate-filled message directed at a 16-year-old was posted on social media on Monday morning.

"He called me the N-word. I already don’t like that and that's not okay with me at all," Asya told FOX 29.

Asya says the message came from a classmate’s account which mentioned Asya by name. It also says “no one cares about her political views they make me wanna commit a black hate crime."

Her mom called the police right away.

"I want to make sure my daughter feels safe at all times and she does not feel safe,"  Erica said.

A captain with the Central Bucks Regional Police Department told FOX 29 the message does not rise to a criminal level and based on its wording its not considered a direct threat. There’s nothing more they can do.

The family says they’re speaking publicly to raise awareness.

"Unless society starts to stand up and say something every time something like this happens it just continues swept under rug," Asya's father, Harry, said.

The family says it hopes the community joins them in pushing for inclusion and diversity. They reached out to the school hoping administrators will send a clear message that acts of racism will not be tolerated here.

“Our administration has been made aware of an inappropriate social media post involving one of our students. The matter has been reported and is being investigated by our school administration and the Central Bucks Regional Police Department," John J. Kopicki, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools Central Bucks School District, said in a statement. 

A couple reached out to FOX 29 Wednesday to tell us that while the message had been attributed to their son, he denies posting it. They say they are cooperating with police, and have been in contact with the family in this story and share outrage over the comments. They want to meet to let Asya and her parents know they stand with them and want them to feel safe and assured that they are loved and valued members of the community


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