Drexel Hill residents upset project to curb speeding has come to a halt

Residents in Drexel Hill are concerned after a project to curb speeding has come to a halt. They say the road has become dangerous and they want action before someone gets hurt.

"A lot of people come up and down this street," said Jean Klick. She’s afraid someone is going to get hit.

"It's not fair. It's just not fair,” she said. She and her husband Fran live in Drexel Hill on Owen Street in Upper Darby Township, which is about a 300-meter residential 21road they feel has become more like a raceway.

"We've had a problem with people cutting through here," said Fran. He says its drivers trying to avoid the light at Lansdowne Avenue and Garrett Road. 

A recent traffic study by the township found that about 2,100 cars go up and down Owen Street every day and well over the posted 15 miles per hour. Fran says in June township officials decided narrowing the street and getting rid of the left-hand turn at the top of his street at Owen and Garrett would solve the problem. Until then at residents request police put up a message board.

"That would basically say no left-hand turn allowed and a fine of $142," said Fran. But neighbors say the message board came down two weeks later because of road construction and that temporary safety plan that was supposed to go in last month didn't happen.

"At the top of the street they'll be cones there so if you try to make a left hand turn you won’t be able to do it," said Fran. 

Judi McLaughlin says her property was damaged when a car lost control.

"A car hit our pillar. It crunched the pillar, the fence and took out to two gardens right here," she said.  Like other neighbors, she says her daughter's car was hit and they’ve had their side mirrors knocked off.  She says the hold up in the township doing the work has them back at square one.

"Frustrating. Very frustrating," McLaughlin.

FOX 29 left messages for the township officials and got an email saying they'd get back to us in five business days. Neighbors plan to pack a committee meeting next week to find out what is the holdup.