Driver keeps driving after pedestrian's body is lodged in windshield

An alleged drunk driver hit and killed a homeless man in California, and drove for more than a mile with the body still stuck on her car.

The driver was arrested by police and identified as 29-year-old Esteysi Sanchez.

Investigators say Sanchez hit the man on Mission Boulevard around 6 Monday morning, and a bystander, Edgar Esparza, caught the gruesome scene on video.

The body and the car left Monday morning right in front of Esparza's house, and he says he heard a noise that sounded like a car scraping on the ground.

Esparza's brother saw the driver after she parked the car and asked her what happened. "She said, 'Oh nothing, nothing's wrong.' She just walked off like nothing happened," said Esparza's brother.

Officer Ryan Keim from the Oceanside Police Department said, "The force of the accident was so great that the victim went through the front windshield and was in the front passenger seat of the vehicle."

Police say the driver did not stop after she hit the victim, and drove more than a mile and a half to her neighborhood with the body of the victim in her car.

Officer Keim said Sanchez appeared to be under the influence, and determined that alcohol was a factor.

Esparza said, "She was dressed like she was going to a club or party the day before or the night."

The victim was believed to be homeless, and police said he was walking to a local soup kitchen at the time of the accident.

Sanchez was arrested for drunk driving and faces charges of felony hit and run and gross vehicular manslaughter.