Dunkin' Donuts Worker to Officer: 'We Don't Serve Cops Here'

West Hartford, CT (FOX NEWS) A Connecticut Dunkin' Donuts quickly apologized to a local police officer who was told he would not be served at the location.

The store's manager said his employee was just joking when she reportedly said, "He didn't get the message. We don't serve cops here," in front of other customers.

The comment prompted the West Hartford police officer, who'd been waiting in line, to walk out in disgust.

As he headed for his car, the manager brought the employee over to apologize, and the worker explained the comment was made in jest.

As part of the apology, the worker reportedly offered a free cup of coffee.

But the officer would have none of it and said he'd take his business elsewhere.

Dunkin' Brands Group said that that the crew member showed poor judgment and that Dunkin' franchises are committed to fair treatment of their customers.

The incident comes after employees at Arby's and Whataburger refused service to police officers in separate episodes in September.

Report via FOX News