Eagles' Super Bowl win leaves fans hungry for more

Signs of an historic Eagles Super Bowl win can still be seen around the city. But the week after the victory parade things are getting back to normal. It's back to work for everyone who had time off to celebrate but fans are still hungry.

"Now we're just going to rally until next season I guess," said Mike Panvini. We caught up with him and Will Sussis headed to a Sixers game but with the Eagles still on their minds.

"76ers kind of filled the void a lot. They have a great young team with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Nothing can fill the void that the Eagles leave but this is the closest thing. I love the Sixers. I love Philadelphia," said Sussis. This championship T-shirt stand in South Philly is still doing business.

People stopping by looking for memorabilia which sold out fast from stores all around the city each time a shipment came in. Jim Porreca was out walking his dog Axle and says he'll never tire of talking about our underdogs turned Super Bowl champs.

"We own this Super Bowl for the year. It's ours till next year starts," he says. Porreca also says the Eagles have raised the bar for other Philly teams which he'll be watching till football season rolls back around.

"We still have the Flyers and Sixers to look forward to and Phillies training camp will be starting soon so we have other things to look forward to," said Porreca.

Jeremy Wilkins says there's only one thing keeping his mind occupied for now.

"Shout out to my baby girl Harmony. She was born on February 9th. I Iove you," he shouted to the camera. But since his daughter was born the day after the parade she is a reminder of the Eagles success, too.

"We're going to talk about this forever," he said.