Eddie Irizarry: Bail revoked for Philadelphia officer charged with murder in deadly shooting

A Philadelphia judge has revoked bail for a suspended Philadelphia police officer who is charged with murder in a deadly traffic stop shooting last month. 

Dial, a five-year veteran of the force was charged with murder, voluntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, and related offenses after 27-year-old Eddie Irizarry was shot and killed inside his vehicle last month.

Dial was released on bail after turning himself in earlier this month. During a Tuesday afternoon hearing, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office asked a judge to revoke Dial’s $500,000 bail. 

Murder charges for the Philadelphia officer were announced the same day the DA's office released body worn camera footage of the fatal police-involved shooting.


Eddie Irizarry: Officer charged with murder, bodycam released in deadly Philadelphia traffic stop shooting

Authorities have released body-worn camera video of a deadly police involved shooting as the officer involved turned himself in to face criminal charges Friday morning.

Two videos show the officers rushing to the vehicle, and yelling at Irizarry before the fatal shots were fired. The officers then take Irizarry out of his car, and place him into the back of their patrol vehicle.

An explanation of the videos released by the DA's office described the scene as follows:

"The BWC footage shows Officer Dial approaching the driver’s side of Irizarry’s vehicle, as Irizarry is seated. Both officers approached with their firearms out. At one point Irizarry is observed holding a small, open folding knife against his thigh. He then rolled up the driver’s side window. Dial is shown discharging into the vehicle six times, shattering the driver’s side glass and repeatedly striking Irizarry at close range."

Dial's defense team claims the bodycam footage proves that Officer Dial heard the word "gun" during the incident. They have called the decision to charge Dial with murder "appalling."

"We came across a video and just as said, and always maintained, when they got out of their car and they told him to show his hands, as Mark came across the front of the car ordering him to show his hands, he started to reach, he started to rise with something in his hands and Mark hears, ‘Gun!’ defense attorney Brian McMonagle explains.


Eddie Irizarry: Bodycam proves man never left car in fatal officer-involved shooting, family attorney says

Family of Eddie Irizarry were finally able to see the bodycam footage showing the moment a Philadelphia officer fatally opened fire during a traffic stop, a video they say proves the innocence of their beloved family member.

Back on August 14, police say Dial and another officer initiated a traffic stop on an erratic driver in the area of B and Erie Streets.

The driver, later identified as Irizarry, turned the wrong way down Willard Street before pulling over and coming to a stop.

Video released by Shaka Johnson - the attorney representing Irizarry’s family - showed the officers pull up alongside Irizarry’s vehicle and quickly exit with their guns drawn.

One of the officers, since identified as Dial, can be seen making his way over to the driver’s side door and firing into the vehicle where Irizarry was still seated.

Initial information provided by police claimed that Irizarry had gotten out of his vehicle with a knife and lunged at officers, ignoring commands to drop the weapon. By the following evening, the department changed their account of the shooting, stating that Irizarry was actually seated inside the vehicle when he was shot.

Dial has been suspended from the Philadelphia Police Department with intent to dismiss at the end of 30 days due to "administrative violations." Those violations - according to Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw - include refusal to properly obey proper order from a superior officer, and failure to participate in any departmental investigation, Outlaw said during a press conference.