Educator sings to help students remember math equations

A Northwest High School paraeducator's engaging teaching methods is helping students remember tricky math equations.

Math, you either hate it or love it but there is no in between. While it may come natural to some-- remember that math whiz that sat at the front of class-- others require a bit more guidance.

And under that notation, math teacher assistant Harold Hall was inspired to develop catchy songs to engage students in fun ways that would aid in their academic success.

In a video posted to social media, Hall sang and two-stepped the solution to an equation.

"'The funny thing about the video is people are saying "I can't get that silly tune out of my head." BINGO! That is exactly what I wanted to accomplish.'"

Often times math can be viewed as scary but Hall has found fun ways to combat that fear because learning should never be scary.

"As kids, we loved Sesame Street and shows that were high energy. We were learning and didn't even realize it." Hall said, "Why can't we do the same thing in middle school and high school?"

Born in Philly but raised in Maryland, Hall majored in communications but was unsure of his career path when he finished school. He comes from a family of educators and they ultimately inspired him to pursue a career in teaching-- especially since he loves math!

"The first day I walked into the classroom I knew I found my passion. Plus I have always loved math, was really good at understanding it and I am able to explain it to others so they could understand math too," Hall told FOX 5.

He has now been teaching at Northwest High School for the past four years and supports Grades 9-12, specifically: algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, two-year algebra 2 and quantitative literature.

Through his teachings, he hopes that students can learn that anything is possible when you "work hard and stay humble."

Hall said, "Math is about problem solving and how to navigate toward the solution. The same applies to everyday life, and I hope my students know that they can accomplish anything in life when they put their minds to it."

One day he hopes to become a principal and eventually an educational leader.