Electronic sign reminds off-campus Villanova students to be mindful of residents

An electronic sign is reminding off-campus Villanova students to be mindful of residents.

"It has a good positive effect. I noticed it's been there about a week and it's doing fine," said Bob Ady.

He's talking about an electronic sign that Radnor Township Police along with Villanova University officials put up along the parking lot of the 7-Eleven he owns. His store sits across from an off campus student apartment complex at County Line Road and Conestoga that houses more than 500 students

"I'm sure they got some residents complain about the noise at night especially," said Ady. The message sign is part of a "good neighbor" initiative between police and the university to remind students now that school is back in session to be mindful that they live in a residential community not a dorm. The initiative was unveiled during a welcome back barbeque with students Wednesday.

"It's just one of the many initiatives that we're working on like trash, litter and noise especially late at night. So we just wanted to talk to students about being respectful and being mindful that we do live in a community," said Laura Wagoner with Villanova community relations.

Radnor Police Superintendent Chris Flanagan says the barbeque was a way to get the message across to students in a welcoming way.

"We're able to talk to kids one on one and have a positive interaction and tell them we're here for them and they're safety but we're also asking them to be good neighbors in a positive way," he said. Superintendent Flanagan says with bars open until 2am noise can be a problem for residents.

"If there's 25 trips back and forth one group might not make a difference but 25 single trips going through there make an issue sometimes," he said.

Ady says the sign is a good reminder that he thinks students will pay attention to.

It flashes a reminder to be courteous and that quiet hours are from 9pm to 7am.

"They're good kids but they're college kids. They're enjoying their college years and they're having fun," he said.