Emaciated puppy, kitten rescued from filthy basement in Strawberry Mansion

Authorities are investigating after an emaciated puppy and kitten were rescued from a filthy basement in Strawberry Mansion on Wednesday.

The Pennsylvania SPCA's Humane Law Enforcement team rescued the pair after receiving a tip on its cruelty hotline from a concerned citizen.

Responding officers say they found the young kitten in a small cage covered in excrement. The kitten, who has since been named Grace, was in a skinny to emaciated condition.

A young puppy, who has since been named Frankie, was found running loose in the basement. The puppy was also in an emaciated condition, weighing in at just 13 pounds.

The animals' owner was home during the rescue and surrendered both Grace and Frankie to the Pennsylvania SPCA.

The duo is being treated at the Pennsylvania SPCA's Shelter Hospital, where they will be monitored as they work to attain an appropriate weight before being placed up for adoption.

Animal cruelty charges are pending against Gracie and Frankie's owner.

"While we brace for the extreme cold in Philadelphia, it is important to remember that animal cruelty happens each and every day, both outside where it is visible, and inside behind closed doors or in dark basements," said Nicole Wilson, Director of Humane Law Enforcement for the Pennsylvania SPCA.

"It is, and has always been, our mission to protect animals from abuse and neglect," Wilson said. "Not just during weather extremes, but each and every day, 365 days a year."

Anyone who witnesses acts of animal cruelty is encouraged to call the PSPCA's Cruelty Hotline at 866-601-7722. Animal cruelty can also be reported by filling out the PSPCA's online form here.

Those interested in donating to the PSPCA can do so here.