Excitement Builds on Eve of Papal Visit

PHILADELPHIA-(WTXF)--The Pope is here. The Pope is here. Well, almost. But on the eve of, it certainly looks and feels like it.

"The energy is just unbelievable," said one man.
All around the city people who stayed are getting into the action.

"We took advantage and stayed to enjoy it," said Lauren Aninsman.
With the city shutdown, roads blocked and high security on every corner.

"Every corner has military and Swat Police. I feel very safe walking around," said Kira Yakubov. She and her friends are from Fairmount. They aren't hunkering down at home they're out and about.

"It's little calm now but its' going to be crazy tomorrow, it's a new experience once in a life time experience," said Jillian Doud.

From Pope parapharnalia to Pope inspired menus a walk around the city proves there's something for everyone.

"I passed on the Pope special and holy meal for $17.76. Although we were just discussing the significance of 1776 for my kids here," said Seth Kaufman. He and his family are here from Connecticut for the World Meeting of Families. They arrived last Saturday.

"The whole week watching all the preparation come together and the enthusiasm," said Kaufman. His 8-year old son Asher hopes to catch a glimpse of the Pope but says there's one more thing he'd like that comes close to that.

"I might be going to see some Pope stuff but I am looking forward to having a Philly cheesesteak," said Asher.